Friday, February 23, 2018
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Receive money from abroad directly into your Mobile Money account


Nowadays, it’s almost like every morning you wake up there is a new digital service to make life easier. And once again, here is another; a very sensitive one too – which permits you to receive money from abroad directly into your mobile money account.


It’s normal that money moves from where there is more to where there is less. That’s why we back home here tend to receive money relatives and friends abroad. However, a problem arises because financial institutions over there are far more advanced than ours. Payment methods like credit card, PayPal etc. which are so common in the USA, UK … are not so common here. As such to send money home, whoever is abroad has to withdraw the money and then send. This of course implies double charges.
This is why WorldRemit offers a very practical way to receive money directly into your mobile money account.For now,they only have a partnership with MTN and so only Mtn mobile money is available on their platform.


How it works?

You can access the platform here,and it’s for the sender only. As a receiver,you just need to forward your details to whosoever wants to send you money.This is how it works:
• Choose the country you want to send to: over 125 different countries.
• Choose how you want send your money: cash pickup, bank deposit, Mobile Money or Airtime top-up.
• Choose how much you want to send: enter an amount and exchange rates will be clearly shown.
• Create an account: if you don’t already have one, fill in some simple details.
• Enter your friend’s or family’s details: choose from a list of people you’ve already sent to, or add a new person by entering their details.
• Pay: Choose how you want to pay – bank account or debit/credit card – then confirm the amount.

Why use World Remit ?

This international money transfer service offered by WorldRemit is really remarkable in many ways:
• Fast service-Money gets to friend or relative in minutes
• Low cost-Low fees and updated exchange rates
• Trustworthy-Service is very trusted worldwide, enough to be partners with MTN
• Simple: It’s easy to use and the support service is very efficient

Leave any questions you have in the comments and I will be happy to clarify any doubts.