Friday, February 23, 2018
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Latest Manual MTN internet settings for your mobile

I really never understand why people go to roadsides for others to configure their Mtn internet settings, given how easy this actually is. Personally, I change handsets a lot and have to setup my internet all the time. This article is for you if you recently purchased a mobile phone and wish to see the data arrows pop up at the top right of your screen. You know what I mean…

Usually on inserting your sim card into your new phone, your Mtn internet settings for Cameroon are sent as a configuration sms. If this happens, good for you since all you will have to do is install the settings. However, if that is not the case don’t bother, I will show you how I easily do this all the time.


First thing to do is to find out where you can add a new APN. For most androids you can find this under settings > mobile networks > “Network” (Mtn Cameroon in this case).Once you are there Modify just the following fields:

mtn internet settings

Name: Mtn




As easy as that and you have manually setup your Mtn internet settings. Don’t forget to turn on your data after that.

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