Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Learning Bassa made extremely easy with “Je parle le bassa(JPLB) 2.0”


Like a few other ethnic groups in Cameroon, the Bassa people located in the Bassa-Bakongoare region are a very popular tribe.Renowned for Bassa fish, their language “Bassa” is spoken by about 2 million people in Cameroon and 800,000 speakers worldwide.However,like many other local languages today the bassa language is becoming less and less spoken and there is a need a means of learning the Bassa language.Hence, the raison-d’etre of the “Je parle Bassa” project.JPLB is a concept that seeks to promote the Bassa culture by teaching the language in a fun and convenient way.

JPLB was founded by Stéphie-Rose NYOT and launched in december 2013.The global inititative is to valorize the african regional languages and its cultural diversity;starting with a learning bassa crash course.


The course is offered via an internet platform offering basics in grammar, vocabulary, calculus, and daily life.Permitting subscribers to learn bassa easily and quickly.

Join the community of people learning bassa via JPLB on Facebook and be a part of this amazing project.Or you could visit the website: jeparlelebassa2point0.com and start learning Bassa right away.