Friday, February 23, 2018
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Best websites to find job opportunities in Cameroon

With digital technologies becoming virtually indispensable to the functioning of enterprises, finding job opportunities in Cameroon has become far easier than in the last decade. You would not believe it if I tell you the Cameroonian national team manager, Hugo Broos, found the job offer on the online.

More and more companies are realizing the power of online advertising and given the ease with which this can be done, job opportunities in Cameroon today are being posted on websites which I will show you today. So sit tight.

    1. Njorku: This is no doubt the best platform for job research in Cameroon and a good number of African countries. Njorku is a search engine like google but for job offers. So searching on this website is like going through all the other websites listed below at once.
    2. Jumia Jobs: With over 1,053,400 visits on average per month. Jumia Jobs is a branch of Africa Internet Group (AIG) founded in 2012 and is a clear ongoing success story currently operating in 26 countries with 5000 employees.
    3. Kamerpower: Over 412,100 visits on average per month. Kamerpower is an education opportunity platform with job offers being part of its game.
    4. Jobinfocamer: Over 242,200 visits on average per month. A very good job platform and well organized.
    5. Akwajobs: Over 135,200 visits on average per month. At Akwajobs, you find mostly entry level jobs. No working experience needed. Internships and jobs for new graduates.
    6. Clicemploi: Over 94,500 visits on average per month. Efficient job research platform.
    7. Mapanjobs: Over 11,300 visits on average per month. Great job platform!

So what next ….

Prepare a good CV, subscribe to the various websites and submit your well designed CV

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